The Hawaii Flute Society’s mission is to nurture the talents of Hawaii’s flutists of all ages and abilities. Consistent with our commitment to Hawaii’s youth, HFS hopes to establish and develop relationships with local music educators, providing support and assistance to inspire a new generation of flutists while building a vibrant, state-wide flute community. All clinics are provided free of charge, as a service to the community from our members and sponsors.

Hawaii Flute Society Outreach Programs

A chamber ensemble from the Hawaii Flute Society (usually quartet) performs a program that includes flute history and also showcases the flute family from piccolo down to bass flute (and occasionally contrabass flute!).

Hawaii Flute Society members include experienced performers and educators. Perfect for concert preparation, an HFS clinician works with your flute section to improve rhythm, intonation, note accuracy and ensemble playing.

Led by an HFS member-teacher, this clinic focuses on fundamentals of sound production and technique with simple take-home exercises that students can use to continually improve. Group class with individual tips and recommendations, time allowing.

Create your school’s own flute intensive by combining clinics 1-3. This is sure to leave your students inspired to practice!

Every student can benefit from individualized instruction. An HFS member-teacher will visit your band room to provide private instruction for students who would like to try, or cannot afford private lessons. There is a two (2) student minimum per visit.
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